I just bought the cutest pajamas at Marshall’s tonight. *NOTE: That is NOT me in the picture above, just fyi.* They are super soft light cotton, and they have little pink elephants holding trunks and tails. They were $16.99, but according to their website, they sell for $94. Score!

Closeup of the fabric:

But seriously, check out their website, so many cute patterns! The brand is called Munki Munki. I bought Lisa a pretty pair of the same style with butterflies on them back in June. So cute! So scan your local Marshall’s, people!

I love shopping. I think I can relate to people who smoke crack, as I know how good a high can feel when you find an awesome bargain. Plus, all that crack I smoke.



One response

  1. They really are adorable pajamas… I’m glad you got them! As a matter of fact, I am wearing the butterfly pair you got me right now. I was inspired to wear them tonight, I guess! :-)

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