My {New} View

It’s a long time coming but it is time to celebrate—I finally got a new job!!!!!

I am going to be working at a travel agency, helping to coordinate travel plans and airfare for large groups! TRAVEL! I never thought I would be in the travel industry but I couldn’t be more excited!!

There are so many things that have eaten up my life and my insides over the past four years that I can’t imagine NOT having to deal with them anymore! No more listening to residents lie about why they don’t have their rent money and trying to guilt me into letting them stay in their apartment anyway.

No more working around the clock to complete an impossible amount of reports with a ridiculously short deadline. No more threats of embarassing conference phone calls if we didn’t get any rentals that week or as many rentals as they would like, where the VP of the company calls you out in front of your boss and your coworkers and it gets pretty harsh.

No more fighting with residents on the day that rent is late because they owe a late fee that they have “no idea” about. No more watching people move out without notice and leave you with the bill and yet another humiliating phone call with the bosses.

No more working weekends or seriously late nights, being on call all the time in case anything happens, or having to cancel planned vacation days because there is no one else who can take care of things but me.

But best of all, I am hoping there will be no more stress hives, no more stomach ulcer, no more daily popping of Zantac for this outrageous heartburn, no more weight gain from all the stress and stress eating and no more laying awake at night and crying from just not being able to do it all.

Any more gray hair I get should be from age, not stress. Any more fights with my husband should be over dumb, minor things and not from me being a giant ball of nerves who cannot handle when things outside of work don’t go exactly as planned.

The only downside is that I will be taking a pretty large pay cut to change careers. But I really don’t think that any money is worth losing my relationships and my health for a job that has run me into the ground.

So I am happy.

And as for my family, they’re pretty damn happy too.


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