How is it only Wednesday? And why does Wednesday seem sooooo loooong?

This week is just dragging by. I guess it is one part my excitement for my new job to start, and one part waiting for pay day because I am broke SON! I had a nice lunch with my sister today, who just came back from New Jersey and was kind enough to bring me some italian butter cookies from J&M Bakery, the best cookies in the whole world. This is not an easy feat, as the thing that makes these cookies so delicious is how crumbly they are, but it makes them impossible to ship anywhere. Bringing them back from NJ involves bubble wrap, fierce protection of your carry-on and lots of determination for good eats. But damn, they are worth the trouble. Thanks Lisa!

Anyway, I have some new pieces to post in my etsy shop that I am very excited about. Two new rings and a bracelet, which is make of silk ribbon and a soldered centerpiece of an antique keys with stars. Sounds pretty huh? I guess I should photograph it, might be easier than describing my stuff.

Have a lovely Wednesday night everybody!


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  1. You’re welcome! I love bringing those cookies home. And yes, it’s a logistical feat, and one I planned out down to the last minute. (I bought them on the day I came home, and packed them carefully in my carry-on, which was kept in front of me under the seat so no one could smoosh it in any way.) It’s worth it. Every crumb and sprinkle is totally fuckin’ worth it!!

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