The other night I got out my camera and some of my new (and in some cases unfinished) items for my shop. I put new batteries in the camera and polished my pieces with a silver cloth, and this is as far as I got. By the time I was done, I had lost my motivation. I think it’s a combo of things, all combining in a sort of late-summer slump.

Our niece stayed with us this past weekend from Friday night to Sunday night. It was a fun but busy weekend, complete with crafting, junk food and a trip to the AZ Science Center. Overall we had a great time, but I really got nothing done around the house so I’ve been trying to get caught up for the last two days.

I’m also going through a range of emotions about leaving my job as a property manager and starting my new one (oh my God, next week, really?!). I am sad to leave my co-workers since we have a fantastic team. I am NOT sad to leave the job itself, or the residents. I have made a point not to tell the residents I am leaving, and instead I am going to write a letter to say goodbye and introduce the new manager, to be delivered the day AFTER I leave. If that sounds sneaky, it totally is. I can only imagine how many times I would have to explain myself otherwise. Why I’m leaving, where I’m going, listen to more complaints and probably have a few last minute “before you leave…” favors that they will want. Ugh. I’d rather sneak out the back door, thank you very much.

And the last thing killing my motivation lately is the standard new-job anxiety. Will I like it? Will they like me? Will they put up with my weird sense of humor? How tight will money be for a while? You know, the standard stuff. Lots of questions about my new company but oh man, I can’t WAIT to get in there and find out!!

Hopefully I will be updating my shop over the next few nights, so I’ll be sure to post when I do. After a good night’s sleep, some (healthier) good food and a little kick in the pants, that is!



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  1. I don’t blame you for wanting everyone to know that you are leaving. That is a long two weeks to keep explaining things to people you really don’t care about. :) I wish I could do the same thing at my job when I finally leave but things spread like wildfire there.

  2. I’m glad you’re sneaking away (I’d do that, too, in your case!) and I know you’ll be OK at the new job. I think you’re more excited than nervous, really, so it’s going to serve you well. It feels SO GOOD to go to a new job and leave a terrible one behind! I’ll always remember my happy, almost-giddy excitement at the end of my first day at this job because I knew I was finally at a decent company. Nothing makes you appreciate good things at work like a really crappy former job! Good luck, schwes!

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