Science Center Madness

Our niece Sierra spent the weekend with us a few weeks ago and we took her to the Arizona Science Center. This giant microscope was looking down on us as we waited on the very long line to get inside.

Seriously, it was a really long wait since it also happened to be “Free Admission Weekend”, so it was a whole new level of torture. So crowded that you couldn’t get close to the cool exhibits, or see the info explaining what some of them even were, like this picture below.

Here we are in front of globe showing…..something?

Here was Sierra’s favorite exhibit of all, the Wall Of Old Men in the lobby!

“My favorite is Mr Charles S. Meklen! Who’s yours?”. I told her I’d get her the trading cards and she laughed sarcastically. I love this kid!

This picture illustrates Uncle Kane’s frustration level. It was time to go before kids got punched.

We went back to our house where movies were watched, nails were painted and cupcakes were baked.

It was a wonderful weekend. <3



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  1. We were there that day too! We try and hit up any free admission days when we can. They are always really crowded days so, I’ve learned go bright and early Sunday morning when many people are at church and we hot the top floor first and work our way down – since most start at the first floor. It was crowded when we got there at 10am but, when we left at 12:30 pm it was crazy packed! It’s a fun place overall.

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