It’s been a very slow blog time for me lately. The main reason is, I’ve been busy running around all over creation and hanging out with friends and family. It’s been fun having a new job that I love, it helps in other aspects of my life. I no longer feel the desire to hibernate as  much as I did, but the downside is less blog, less crafty-ness.

So what have I been doing instead? Mostly shopping. I’ll admit that lately my money situation has been comfortable despite taking a pay cut. The reason is that I have paid off a huge chunk of my debts, and as such I no longer have to shell out quite as much money to faceless creditors anymore.

Not that I am being irresponsible with this newfound financial freedom. I am trying to not spend too much, but sometimes I just see something I must have. And if it happens to be a ridiculous bargain, then you cannot pry the debit card from my hand.

Some of my recent scores:

Bedroom switchplate from Anthropologie, $4.95

Yellow and blue vintage bird cages, $15 for both

Cool old ice bucket from Goodwill, $0.99

Lucky Gnome in a Bottle, $6

The last one is the crown jewel in my collection of strange things. $6 is an absolute steal in my opinion. My sister agrees with me, she bought the same one! Bizarre runs in the family.

Back to being crafty myself soon though. The fall is here and this is always a great creative time of year for me. But in the meantime, finding treasures has been a fun waste of time.

Happy hunting!


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