Mid-October thoughts

How in the hell is it October 20 already? Time flies when you are having fun, I guess.

Not to constantly bitch about Arizona’s weather, but Arizona’s weather is truly unfair. I believe that Mother Nature must have a hated ex-boyfriend here or something, because it is STILL high 90’s here. We had about one week of 80 degree weather, but then it shot back up to 100. What a tease.

My husband and I went out to get Chipotle last night, although it was so crowded that we ended up at a mongolian BBQ place. It ended up being really good, but I was stuck in the assembly-line behind this obnoxious frat-jerk carrying a freshly-bought Breathalyzer costume. You know that one, where the part you blow into is on the crotch? Yeah, he’s going to be THAT guy at the party.

We were making fun of this guy while we were eating our noodles (yeah, we are mean sometimes), and we started talking about those awesome costumes in the 80’s that came in a big box, with a plastic mask of whatever character you wanted, and a plastic smock, also adorned with a picture of the character. So technically, you were Strawberry Shortcake as her own biggest fan.

I wish they still sold those! I would totally be one of those. And check out He Man’s teeth above. Did they not trust the child wearing the costume would have his own teeth? Maybe it was meant for newborns. Seems tricky, trying to explain to a newborn how to breathe in one of these. Newborns can be waaay stupid with this kind of thing.


The bottom mask is either Fred Flintstone or Hitler. Maybe they assumed that the kid wearing this one would have his own mustache. Oh, it’s an air hole for the kid to breathe? Uh-huh, what a convenient way to explain away your Hitler costume. And I suppose the armband is a Navajo peace symbol, right?

Anyway, Halloween in the 80’s was a good time. It seemed simpler then. It’s still my favorite holiday now, but back then, wearing your costume to school was like the best day ever, no matter how cheap and plastic-y it was!



One response

  1. LOVED those! I remember when I was about 3, my dad took me out trick-or-treating and I insisted we follow someone dressed in a “Snoopy” costume of this type everywhere.

    Myself, I can recall having Pammy from Shirttails. I know there was one other- no idea what. Annie, maybe. Those plastic smocks were unbearably hot to wear!

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