Party at the Stamp Expo

Sunday my mom and I stopped by the Rubber Stamp Expo at the Mesa convention center. Yes, the Rubber Stamp Expo. Guess why we had to drop my husband home before we went?

Because it was the damn Rubber Stamp Expo.

More interesting than the stamps were all these flowers made from paper-punches. Seriously, these were so pretty!

They look like they would be really difficult but they’re surprisingly easy. I picked up a few paper punches to try to make some myself, and so far I think they look pretty awesome. I’ll let you admire these first though, and wait until my technique improves before I put up my own pictures.

Can’t wait to make some new stuff with them for the gift boutique I am doing in December.

So there were lots of stamps, for reals. This place was not kidding around. I was surprised by how many southwest-themed stamps there were, but not surprised that no one seemed to be buying them. Just because the expo took place in Arizona doesn’t mean people wants rubber stamps of pottery, cowboy hats and Kokopelli. Ugh.

No what else there were lots of? Old ladies. Seriously old. I didn’t see one other person my age in the entire building, which is lame.

Come on younger people, rubber stamps are cool. Right? *crickets*



One response

  1. I love rubber stamps. They’re so damn expensive though! I’ve got a good collection going…I started in middle school. I had no clue there was such a thing as a rubber stamp expo! Know what? My husband would have wanted to go. He loves that aisle at Michael’s.

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