You know those days when you feel too tired to even get up out of the laundry basket to swat at your brother passing by?

That’s me lately. I switched my hours two weeks ago to 7am to 3:30pm at work. I love it, but I have the hardest time getting to bed when I should. I’m still doing okay getting up in the morning but this less sleep-time is catching up with me.

I keep trying to get caught up or go to bed earlier, but it never seems to happen. Either I can ‘t fall asleep when I need to, or I wake up for stupid things like leg cramps or from the cat licking my arm or face.

Luckily though, the weekend is coming, and maybe I can stay in bed and be as content as a Bea in her basket.

(These pictures also remind me that I need to rewash all the clothes I just washed due to beautiful white cat fur now covering them. Sigh.)


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  1. Chloe’s favorite spot is in the closet, on top of the drawers, behind all my long-sleeved shirts. I pull a shirt out to wear and instead drop it in the hamper because one side is covered thick in white cat hair!

    I’m with ya on the severe hour change, m’lady. I went from teaching into the late night to having to wake up by 7 every morning this week…and it will be that way at the very least through February. This was the 1st week of it…it was a good week, but it was a rough one, too.

    We night owls have a serious problem with authority when it comes to going to bed “at a decent time.” F*ck the Man! It’s my hot body, I’ll do what I want! You’re not my mother! Etc, etc.

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