Black Friday

I am not a black friday shopper. I tried it once, at Kohl’s, and it was awful. I lasted all of 30 minutes in line before I gave up and put everything back. This year I was tempted by a few of the deals I had seen, but not enough to get in a fistfight with an old lady over some cheap dvd’s.

I planned on hanging out around the house today, cleaning and readying the house to be decorated. I thought about where our tree would go, and about how we would make the tree look decent, since it is starting to fall apart in a big way. I am so surprised that the $20 prelit tree we bought at Walmart 6 years ago isn’t lasting. I wonder why!

I decided to try going to Joann’s this morning, since I had seen a black friday special for a 7′ prelit slim tree, which I happen to love and would fit so much better in the living room than the chunky old sparse one we have now.

To my surprise, it wasn’t too bad! I got in, found my tree and got in line, which took all of 10 minutes to wait on. The only scary part was when my debit card wouldn’t work, but I kept trying and eventually it did go through. I got so worried that I had somehow blown through what was left in my account, but the lady assured me that the credit card machines were not working right due to the massive amount of card-swiping going on this morning.

After Joann’s I called my sister and invited her to meet me down on Main St in Mesa for lunch and some window-shopping. It was so nice, very peaceful and mellow, lots of great deals on stuff and tons of cool things to drool over. I did buy a few things in Mystic Paper, one of my favorite stores. They were having a basement sale, so I found tons of supplies and fun stuff, like vintage cigar boxes for $1.

I also discovered another new favorite shop, Found. In fact all of the pictures in this post are from there. A little pricey for my budget, but so many beautiful things to inspire me and put me in the christmas mood. And the women working there were so nice and friendly.

Anyway, I have said it before, but I really encourage people to shop locally, especially during the holidays. You might be one of those people who love to get elbowed and cut in line in big stores like Target, but if you are more like me, check out small boutiques and little stores instead. The deals can be just as good if you know where to look, and when you are finished you don’t feel like an angry ball of stress.

Happy shopping!


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