My new baby…

If you read this blog often you know I *enjoy* shopping. I just love it, I could spend all day wandering stores and sale racks, finding good deals or cool little random things. And if I can’t shop, I like to window shop.

One of my favorite things to window shop for are purses. Expensive ones. These are usually a never-purchase item, because the really good ones never go on sale low enough to fit my tiny budget. Sometimes I find a gorgeous Fossil bag for only $99, but that’s still too high for me.

Anyway, a few weeks ago I decided to take a drive to Phoenix one night and wander around Last Chance. If you’re not familiar, it’s a store that sells all the stuff that gets returned to Nordstrom from across the whole country. It’s in the underground level of a shopping center, and everything in there is around 80 percent less than the original price, sometimes more. Sometimes the stuff is brand new, sometimes it is very used and kind of icky. I don’t go there too much, because of the huge amount of people in there at any given time. Most of them shop there daily, buying up Prada shoes or Marc Jacobs purses to resell on eBay. A few years ago there was an article in the paper about how many people are daily customers, which is so weird to me. They know when new shipments of shoes or purses or jeans are put out on the floor and they actually fight each other over the stuff sometimes. Crazy.

So I went a few weeks ago and I didn’t intend to buy anything unless it was an amazing deal. There are huge bins full of designer purses that these ladies just dig through like maniacs. After a large gang of maniacs were done digging, I walked over and plunged my hand into a bin. This is what I pulled up:

I couldn’t believe it, an almost brand-new Coach bag! I am not a logo person, but Coach is one of my favorite brands I never could afford. It’s made of super soft sparkly leather, and it’s lined in my favorite color, pale aqua satin. The best part? The price was less than that Fossil handbag I mentioned above.

I had to get it. I know it’s not a necessity, but seriously, this was too good to pass up.

So now I am the proud owner of my first real designer purse, which I plan to have for a very long time. It’s nice not having a bag that will unravel at the seams (I love you Target but your purses suck!). Plus I feel so swanky when I carry it, like I should also be wearing a pillbox hat and gloves and a pencil skirt! Ritzy, baby!


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  1. I have to say, it totally is a gorgeous purse. As much as I’d actively avoid a ‘spensive brand like Coach, that particular bag is just too damn pretty to NOT love it! :-)

    Definitely one of your most excellent sale-scores, Schwester!

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