Ready or Not

Tomorrow is my first craft fair in over a year. This is taking a lot of prep work, there’s so much more I wanted to do that I didn’t get to for my last one.

For example, I made an actual sign for my booth, above.

I even added a tiny bird sitting on a skeleton key, which I think sums up my style pretty well.

I like it. I only hope I can prop it up on my table okay. I don’t have anything to lean against the back and it’s too late to make a run to the store.

Maybe a big fat book? Eh, I’ll figure out something.

I also made some christmas ornaments, after all this is at an elementary school, kids might like to buy their mom an ornament.

However, this one I want to keep…..

Well, wish me luck!


2 responses

  1. I love the sign!!! And you’re right: bird+skeleton key= your style. :-)
    Tomorrow on my lunch hour I’m going to find you something to hold that sign up. But I’ll definitely bring the stand-up paper holder I have on my desk at work because I think that has a decent shot at working out OK.

  2. Wow, thanks Lisa!! I was thinking maybe a cheap plastic ruler might work. I don’t have one at work anymore but rather than buying something maybe you could find onw laying around your office, all willy-nilly? I know these kids today are so careless with their measuring tools lately.
    Thanks for coming today, I’m excited!

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