New things…

I have been a busy bee lately. Between parties and dinners and random trips to the grocery store to get what I forgot yesterday, my plate has been very full. It’s been a fun December though.

The good news is I had 8 sales this month through Etsy and through friends. That’s pretty huge for me, since I haven’t put much time into my shop over the past couple of months. It’s always exciting to make a sale, especially since only a few weeks ago I had decided to shut down Little Silver Stars, possibly for good.

Yup. I made the decision, I packed my stuff away and I prepared to do a final clearance of my etsy shop.

But then all these wonderful sales started happening. Then I met a shop owner who wants to carry my line! Yes, my jewelry will be available for purchase at Green Table Gifts, in Chandler AZ starting in January. I couldn’t be more excited! If you guys are able, please go check the shop out. It’s a seriously cool store and the owner is such a sweetheart!

One thing I am taking away from my near-shutdown is this: I need to limit the time I put into each piece I make to keep the costs down.

I tend to get overly detailed with my pendants and rings, and the trouble is that people don’t want to pay the kind of money I would have to charge if I wanted to be fairly compensated. My materials don’t cost very much, but the hours of labor I put in make it hard for me to only charge the $5 that some people are willing to spend. Handcutting the glass, searching through books and papers for collage pieces, painstakingly cutting and glittering each one and then soldering the entire thing just takes too much of my time and I need to simplify.

I made two necklaces yesterday that were very simple in construction, and one sold already! Materials were a little higher in cost due to Swarvoski crystals and some sterling, but overall I felt comfortable setting the price where I did. For once I didn’t end up slaving away for 5 hours for almost no payoff.

So Little Silver Stars will stay open for business, even though my pieces probably won’t be as intricate. It was a good lesson to learn, but I’m glad that I’m not quitting altogether. I am so grateful to everyone who has purchased from me, both this month and always. It made me realize that I do make nice things and that I shouldn’t give up. So thank you to everyone who has ever supported me.

2012 is going to be an exciting year!


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  1. Hey Moe~

    One of my amazingly durable LSS rings got caught up in a stupid sweater jacket the other day, and to get it untangled I ended up bending the wire a little funky. Do you think if I bring it on New Year’s you could fix it for me? It’s one of my most favorite rings–I wear it nearly all the time.

    And don’t you DARE EVER shut down LSS! I plan on featuring you on my FB page and Blog once the new year starts…you should probably be January since that’s your kick-off with Green Table.

    I sold 2 of my higher priced items last week, and remember that was right after I complained to you that I made no holiday sales this year! I’m actually starting to slowly get in the mood to actually make stuff again! The only thing that’s holding me back is the whole photography aspect of listing an item.

    Well, this quickly turned into my own little blog post, so I bid you adieu.

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