Ladies and their hair

Christmas morning, 2011.

My view upon waking up, Bella’s butt fluff. She’s got so much fur it is impossible to keep her well-groomed. Also, ignore her dingy little foot, she needs another bath already.

Either way, this was her way of wishing me a merry christmas I’m sure.

Christmas Eve afternoon, me.

Unlike my fluffy little cat, my hair actually behaved for a minute, and I had to take a picture. This was mid-wrapping, as you can see behind me.

Shortly after I took this picture, my curls fell flat and my bangs got greasy. But for one glorious moment I was happy with my hair so here’s documentation.

Now back to my regularly-scheduled sloppiness! :)


3 responses

  1. When I’m fresh from the shower and have just blown dry my hair and it is super straight and I pull it half-up, I think it looks great…until inevitably someone takes a picture of me and I apparently have the head of The Hulk. I swear, my head is HUGE, and wearing my hair pulled back halfway like that just makes it more obvious. But curling it is so much work! Your hair however, always looks cute to me! I swear to G (you choose which one) I’ve never seen your hair greasy or flat.

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