Happy 2012!

Here comes the obligatory New Year’s Resolutions post that I’m sure is happening all over blogland right now. I don’t usually make resolutions aside from “Lose weight”, and since this one is harder to do than those two little words imply, I resolve this year to make simpler, more fun promises to myself. Ones that will be more fun to keep, and should lead to a little happiness, joy and serenity on their own, no matter what the number on my jeans’ tags say.

  • Wear more florals. I desperately need more bright color in my wardrobe. Something more feminine. Cheery. Everything I have feels so dark and drab. Time to lighten up and have more fun with my clothes.
  • Do 3 yoga poses a day. This one is important. Notice I didn’t say EXERCISE. That’s a bad word. I need to loosen up my muscles, stretch and wake my body up out of the slump it has been comfortable in. I love yoga and how I feel afterwards yet I rarely do it. And why? It takes only as long as you want it to take, not like committing 30 minutes to a treadmill or a workout dvd. And the benefits are great. Make time for just 3 poses for per day. If I feel like more, do more. Just get up for five minutes and breathe.
  • Make more garlands.  Look at all the pretty! Why should December have all the fun? I will miss my christmas decorations so much that I am going to make some year-round garlands and toss them around the house. Because why not have more stuff that makes me smile?
  • Wear more lace!  And beads. And cute buttons. Because as I mentioned above, my wardrobe is feeling so blah. It’s just jeans and t-shirts lately, and I’m bored. I want to wear stuff that I can look back on some day and see that I was a girl. That I had some style. That I didn’t walk around like a giant question mark.
  • Buy a new shredder. Use it. Enough with the piles of junkmail and credit card applications. Just keep a shredder by the trash can and make it my first stop after the mailbox.

How about you guys? Any attainable resolutions this year? I hope so. I think women in particular take this opportunity to beat themselves up for the crimes of year’s past. Let’s resolve to do things that bring order and peace to our lives instead!

Happy New Year!


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