A post with no pictures? Boo, Trish.

Would you settle for fancy colors instead?

Today is the day that I set up my display at Green Table Gifts. The store is moving locations, so my items will be at the new location when it opens on February 1. I am so excited I could, well, smile I guess! I have everything tagged and ready to go, but since this process started I have come up with so many ideas for new items. I honestly can’t wait until this set up is complete so I can get started on some new stuff!

That seems like a good thing too, since I’ll be stopping into the shop often to restock (in the event of actual sales, tee hee!) and to rearrange my display. I’ll need to keep a fairly good stock at home of new pieces to bring or to swap out. I’m planning to take some pictures when I’m finished today, so I’ll post those soon as a little sneak peek.

In other news, I’m painting the rest of my bedroom this weekend. Finally. I painted the accent wall almost a year ago now, a gorgeous shade of cool green. The rest of the walls will be grey, whatever shade of paint my wonderful sister is generously donating to me. It’s going to be nice to have it finished. The bland white walls have definitely worn out their welcome. I also have a white duvet cover with a grey floral pattern on it, and I am planning to rubber-stamp some tiny green accents on it among the florals. Rubber stamping with fabric paint is my favorite. Next to making jewelry. And any other crafty thing I decide to do on a whim.

Ok, wish me luck tonight, I’ll post pics soon!


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  1. Christ, it’s really been a year since you painted that wall? How did the recent painting and stamping and merchandise setting up go? We didn’t talk about any of this the other night! I have no clue what the date was then or really how many days ago that was and only know that today is the 22nd because my computer tells me so. And this is about the extent of how long I can stare at my computer screen. Glad I got to read your post…can’t wait to swim through all the cash you make at the boutique. Thanks for coming to see me. I love you kid.

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