Getting ready

I’ve been meaning to post a picture of an amazing Christmas gift from my husband. Isn’t it pretty? It didn’t arrive in time for Christmas, but it was even better that way, a nice little extra surprise. The photo above is from the seller’s shop, Le Petit Foyer. Guys, check her shop out, her pieces are wonderful and she included an extra pair of earrings as a bonus. And they are gorgeous as well.

I just love this ring, I usually only wear silver but the brass and the blue look so beautiful together. And that glass star cabochon on top reminds me of old Victorian decoration. So pretty.

I’ve been hard at work this week, cleaning out my office and getting ready to really go into production overdrive. I need to build my inventory again, as most of it is at Green Table Gifts. I have tons of new ideas, including some new reversible pendants. I’ve also found some beautiful clip art to work with, some sheet music, butterflies, silhouettes and another adorable octopus.

Before I could start though I spent nearly every night this week cleaning out my office and it was a much bigger project than I thought. I used a giant folding table as a sewing/craft area, but lately it had become a giant catch-all for the most random junk. Armed with a trash bag and a shredder, I cleared that mess out, rearranged some storage furniture and swapped out the giant table with a smaller one. It’s nice to have so much floor space in there now! I feel like I can spread out a little and have room to breathe.

It’s funny to do all this work and get the room nice and clean just to mess it up again with craftiness, but that’s creativity for you. At least I know where everything is, and I’m not sitting there holding a burning hot soldering iron in one hand and searching desperately for jump rings with the other.

So I am ready to go. I’ll be working over the weekend on new items, and I’ll be back with some pictures soon. Have a great weekend, may it be full of friends, food and very few soldering iron burns.



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