The envelope

Every time my mom sees my sister or me, she always gives us something. Whether it be this week’s newspaper (I love sales fliers. LOVE.), or some old tupperware that she thinks I may need, I never leave empty handed. Today she asked me to stop over to pick up this weeks newspaper (sweet), and she gave me some really cool stuff.

Inside this envelope was my class picture from preschool. No it wasn’t a maritime school, we didn’t learn all the different knots or how to properly clean a fish, but I rocked my sailor suit anyway. Also inside was my gold baby bracelet.

I always loved this bracelet. Funny how small it is now. But I used to like to slide it open and closed and hear the little click of the clasp. Funny that my chubby little toddler fingers used to play with this all the time. Now my chubby adult fingers can play with it again!

She also gave me this, and although it has my initials carved into it, I honestly have no recollection of this locket. Both mom and my sister insist I wore this, but I don’t remember it. It’s pretty though, and so shiny.

I love that my mom kept it in it’s display box all these years, she probably knew I would have worn it and got it all scratched up over the years. Or I would have lost it somehow. Moms always know.

Anway, this stuff was much more interesting to take home than some old tupperware. Thanks mom!!


2 responses

  1. I never connected the dots to you being PDA. No wonder you were such a handful in high school and college. Slut. Farmhand. In other news, your Mom is sweet. My Mom never likes me to leave empty-handed, either. And one of Torey’s grandmas is always giving us coupons for items she thinks we might use. His other grandma is always giving me bags of crap, trashbags filled with old clothes…and when I get lucky, those old clothes include ancient socks and brazierres.

  2. I really think that you were wearing that locket in at least one of your early school pictures. Maybe the one where you have a red dress on? First grade? Anyway, the reason I remember that locket was because I was JEALOUS! I thought it was so pretty. :-)

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