I love squares

I’m up early. On a Saturday.

Yeah, this never happens. Kane had an early-morning commercial shoot today, so I decided to get up and get dressed too. I plan to do lots of fun stuff, like laundry, dishes, mop the floors and spray all the weeds that are rapidly overtaking our house.

I started the weekend with two things:

1. I learned to crochet granny squares. Finally! I’ve been wanting to figure this out forever, so last night I put on Jim Henson’s “Storytellers”, the greek myths ones, and just sat with my yarn and my hook. I wasn’t going to move until I made an actual square, and I did it! I am planning to make a bunch of mismatched ones and stitch them all together and make a cozy old-lady style blanket. They do not call them granny squares for nothing.

(my squares don’t look this cool yet, I need to work on incorporating more colors as I hook it up. But this is the ultimate goal.)

2. It’s Valentine weekend! My husband and I have nothing planned, and I really don’t care. I just love all the pretty hearts and flowers everywhere. And the chocolates. But I did pick up the pretty pink earrings above last night. Betsey Johnson’s jewelry is adorable. I could stand for her to use more silver rather than gold, but for her I’m willing to overlook it.

Happy weekend!


3 responses

  1. Hey Nerd! I LOVE Henson’s Greek myth ‘Storytellers!’ Good choice. I also love Betsey Johnson but get pretty angry with her about all the gold and brass that she uses. I will admit, however, that those earrings are adorable!

    I’m up early on a Saturday, too. Because I have an abscessed tooth and I can’t sleep! I’m on the pudding and jello diet, which is gonna be just SUPER for my jeans, I’m sure.

    If I could drive, I’d drive to your house and lay on your couch and watch you do chores. Now I’m gonna make like a tree and get outta here.

  2. Oooh, your cozy old-lady blanket is going to be even more beautiful than THAT one…! I say this because you have good tastes in color choices. And also, I am trying to kiss up to you so you make me a cool blanket.

    I have had that “Storytellers” on my Netflix queue forever! I can’t believe I haven’t gotten to it yet! Was it good? I bet it was.

    I love the Valentine’s Day stuff, too. Yet the day itself is totally meaningless. Go figure. And pass me the candy.

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