Good fortune

I’ve been feeling craft-inspired lately. It probably has something to do with the holidays being over and the weather being nice. It puts me in a good mood, which in turn leads to creativity.

I wanted to make something special for Kane for valentine’s day. Crafting something for a guy is really tough. They don’t want jewelry,  and you can’t crochet them anything except for a g-string, and how many of those does he really need? (Kidding, kidding!!!)

I settled on a keepsake. A fortune cookie keepsake!

My husband loves fortune cookies, and I thought it would be fun and sweet to embroider a love fortune on some white ribbon.

And it was! It took longer than I thought, but I love how it turned out.

His first reaction? “Is this because I’m asian?”.

Umm, yes. Yes I guess it is.

Oh hell, another moment in accidental racism. Shoot.




3 responses

  1. Did you first consider embroidering, “I love you long time”? Because that would have been intentional racism, which is sometimes funny with the right people. (And now I look like a racist a-hole because I said that. Oh, well!)

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