Grand plans

I have a growing list of things that I need/want. Some are more urgent than others, but all of these happen to coincide with me having zero dollars.

But once we get our tax return, it is on. I am going to get some of my needed items, and whatever is left over will be parked in my savings account to be used as padding for the rest of the year.

Usually I buy one or two small things and then send everything else to the evil credit card companies but seeing as how every time I make a sizeable payment to give myself some emergency breathing room, the lovely CC company decides to reduce my credit limit to *just* above my new current balance. So I’m forever maxxed out. Thank you Credit Card Bastards.

So this year they will see no more of my money than the regular payment. My wish list is getting fulfilled, dammit!

#1-New Mattress

Our current mattress is 10+years old, too soft and full of pits and valleys. It is a hand-me-down from my sister in law. I wake up with a backache or pins and needles every day, and I am ready to move on. It’s also a king-size, and not only does it take up our entire bedroom, but do you know how expensive king size sheets and blankets are? So the new mattress must be firm and queen size. Cannot WAIT for this to happen.

#2-New Printer

My printer has lasted me for 8 years, and I used it often. But my clunky Dell printer/scanner combo needs to be retired. The ink is way too expensive to keep replacing, and no matter how many times I clean it and recalibrate it, it no longer prints clearly. Everything is kind of double-printed, like a ghost image next to the regular one. This is really annoying when I’m trying to print detailed images on a tiny scale to make them into jewelry.

#3-Manual Camera

This one probably won’t happen, but it’s nice to dream about getting a really good camera with manual focus. I use my current camera alot for my jewelry, but a really good camera would be so fun to play with again. I loved taking photography classes in high school and college, and it would be awesome to get back into that. Maybe if I find one on sale cheap enough….?

#4-A Massage

Because I work hard! Because my back hurts from the afore-mentioned mattress! And because massages are awesome!


One response

  1. May I suggest memory foam? And there are other, more affordable manufacturers than just TempurPedic. My whole life, anytime I’d sleep in a hotel bed, it felt so luxurious. Now that I have memory foam at home, anytime I sleep in a hotel bed, I sleep horribly and wake up with a backache.

    And printer/scanner/copier combo: Epson Artisan 725. Individual ink cartridges for each different color, and the print quality is fantastic. I feel like I already told you this…so sorry if I’m repeating myself. I just really like my printer.

    I have learned that it’s really best to give the credit card companies just the minimum. Torey is very focused on getting them paid down, but the last time I attempted that feat, they continually lowered my credit limit, just like they do to you. Not only does that leave you with NO breathing room, it trashes your credit instantly, because your debt ratio is suddenly WAY higher than it used to be. Assholes!

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