Wish you were here

I came across someone’s pin on Pinterest that mentioned Contempo Casuals today. Suddenly I was nostalgic for baby-doll dresses, rose-patterned tights and fake leather jackets. Then I realized that these things do still exist in stores all over again, but my 32yr old self would never fit into them. I fondly remember going to Contempo Casuals at the Monmouth mall in Eatontown, spending all my hard-earned chore money on crushed velvet clothes to wear with my burgundy docs and choker necklaces. So fabulously 90’s.

It made me think about stores and stuff I wish was still around.

Here's that tasty little bastard, along with his still-delicious but less revered friend, Bubblo Bill.

-Fat Frog ice cream.

Oh man I can still taste these things! They were green-tinted vanilla with M&M’s for eyes, and the back was coated in chocolate. Why these are not around anymore is beyond me. Between my sister and I, they could be raking in a fortune on these things. I know that Good Humor makes other kid-friendly ice cream bars, but they just aren’t the same. Plus, who says kids won’t enjoy just a plain old frog? Why does everything have to be tied in to a movie or tv show now? Kids dig frogs, they don’t need your corporate junk.

-Skinmarket (Bath, Beauty and Accessories)

Skinmarket closed all of their stores in the early 2000’s, and I still get sad when I go to the Paradise Valley Mall and see a crummy baseball hat store in it’s place. This was my favorite of all the stores, ever. Their body butters and lotions were the best and the scents were amazing. I wore their Mango scent almost every day. They had a makeup and nail polish line that was perfectly glittery and shimmery, and it was really good quality too. But the best part was their jewelry and accessories. I still have a ring and several necklaces from them that I wear to this day, and I still get compliments on them. Come back Skinmarket! I’m not the only one who misses you, there is an online community of fans still mourning this store.

-Steak and Ale restaurants

Home to the best salad bar and my favorite dish ever, Hawaiian Chicken. I used to always make sure to go whenever I went home to NJ to visit. Growing up they were our go-to restaurant for birthdays and holidays. I even celebrated my engagement there in 2007. But they closed in 2008, and I’m still sad about it.

I guess that’s it for now. Did I leave anything out?


3 responses

  1. Wow. I just spent like ages searching google images for a pic of my doc martens–they’re baby blue with violet swirls all around, but apparently no one else in the world owns them. I got them brand new for seriously dirt cheap at Buffalo Exchange in Tempe like 6 years ago. All through high school (in the 90s) and even in early college I wanted docs so badly, but could never afford them. So when I saw these beauties at BE, I jumped at the chance to own my first ever pair of docs. And now I pretty much never wear them.

    There’s got to be babydoll dresses out there for girls our size…there’s just got to be! I would love to wear babydolls and docs every day…and yesterday I just found my favorite choker made of iridescent black pearls!

    If we could just find the babydolls to fit us, we can bring the style back!

    Oh, one thing you did forget: Caboodles. You know they’re making a comeback? They have a facebook page and are constantly talking about how amazing they are. And that’s kinda lame.

    My favorite babydoll was red with tiny flowers all over it. I wore it to my 8th grade graduation with a pair of black not-doc boots that I loved to death. And I topped it all off with a black velvet choker my dad bought for me.

    If sewing weren’t so boring, I’d make the babydolls myself. But let’s be real here…that’s not happening.

    I also miss the X-Files and Nick at Nite. :'(

    Steak and Ale was the restaurant my family would go to about once a month for lunch after church on Sundays. God I was in love with that salad bar. You could NOT beat that salad bar. We even ate there for my high school graduation!

    Okay, I better stop before I get all weepy about “the good ol’ days.”

    One thing I don’t miss: Mayim Beyalik and Blossom and her stupid ass hats.

  2. I concur on all of your selections here! I really do miss those ice creams. And Pac-Man cereal. Smurfberry Crunch (“…is fun to eat! A smurfy, fruity, breakfast treat!”) and the old recipe for Kaboom. Man, those were all so good.

    I’m glad you mentioned Skinmarket, because YES. That was the very best store that mall ever had. In fact, it was one of the best any mall could ever have, period. The makeup and lotions were so wonderful, and then add the fantastic jewelry they sold– so great! I still wear my jewelry from SM too. The mirrored cameo pendant, the cool ’tiled’ bracelets, the charm bracelet with the dogs on it, etc… And I do still have a lip gloss in my makeup case. I’m afraid to wear it b/c of the germs that have to be in there by now, but I can’t bring myself to toss it either. I just like seeing it there. Is that lame?

    Steak-n-Ale. R.I.P. You will always be a member of the Arnseth family, which is weird, since you’re a defunct restaurant chain, but still. We loved you like you was one-a our own. Wanted to celebrate every holiday and special occassion with you only!

    • Remember when malls actually had music stores? I was watching ‘Take Me Home Tonight’ last week and realized just how much time I spent in those stores. If they still existed, I’d probably still buy CDs instead of just MP3s.

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