Soooo March is over?


Well March went fast, don’t you think? Maybe it’s just us.

Between work  and houseguests and a bevy of other things, I feel a little whiplash from the past couple of weeks.

This is also the first year I actually went out on St Patrick’s Day, so that was interesting. It’s funny that I never got into St Pat’s, since drinking used to be my favorite. I just never really cared, I’m not irish or anything. I mean, I always wore green to school and work, mainly to avoid being pinched. But this year I went with Kane and our guests to Tempe Marketplace for a while. I was only there for a few hours, but I left them there to see a Filter show, which they really enjoyed. I’m not into shows either, so St Pats and a show is like too much for me, haha! Plus thanks to overindulging the night before, I was not going to be drinking so how much fun I would be.

I was able to go home and get some much-needed stuff done, and I relaxed a bit before picking them up a little after midnight and then going to another party for a friend’s birthday. And that’s this whole month, really. Everything at once.

I have some more soldering classes to prepare for in April so I’ll be focusing on that this weekend, along with a friend’s wedding and a few other events going on. I really can’t wait for the weekend when nothing is happening and I have no where to be.

Feel free to show up anytime, free weekend!



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  1. Can I crash at your place for, like, I dunno….2 weeks or so? I just really dig your couch and your cooking. And I’ve been working on my drinking skills. I’m slowly getting my tolerance back. Like riding a bicycle…your liver just never forgets how truly unstoppable it can be.

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