A few things

-Pets I would consider: a dog, a pygmy goat, a dwarf hamster. I go back and forth considering these three pretty regularly. Lately it’s the pygmy goat. If I knew anything about goats I really would do it, they are just the cutest thing to me.

-I have started a walking routine with one of the girls at work and so far we are over a week into it. We walk for 15 minutes every morning and 15 every afternoon. Unless we eat lunch in the park, which counts as our afternoon walk there and back. It’s super fun so far, because the park is so beautiful and the weather is perfect right now. It’s also cool because we can take a short break on the swings if they aren’t already occupied by kids. I forgot how much I love the swings! I’m hoping to be able to do this at least another 2 weeks, since the heat is on it’s way to AZ. A few days ago it was 90 degrees already. Boo. I am so not ready to hibernate yet!!

-Kind of wish that teefury would re-run this shirt so I can buy it:

-This Thursday I am teaching another soldering class and I’m really excited. It’s a Mother’s Day pendant and I have some pictures that they can use for their pieces, but this one they are invited to bring their own images also. I can’t wait to see what they brought and how the pendants turn out. I’m still so excited to be able to teach!

-I saw The Hunger Games. I liked it better than the book. I think I’m the only person left not completely infatuated with those books. But the movie was really good, I was surprised how much I liked it. And Jennifer Lawrence is just as good as always.

-This weekend is a busy one, a yard sale and Easter. Not that my family does anything major for Easter, and my sister has generously offered to host it this year. So she’s making some food and I’m sure we’ll eat some candy. Yay Easter!


3 responses

  1. You’re not the only one no infatuated with the books–my parents and my sisters never read the books. Dad went with me to the movie and he really enjoyed it. So, you know, you’re not alone. And Torey loved the books but has no desire to see the movie! Weirdos.

    You’re gonna do SO great with your next soldering workshop! You kicked butt last time–this time is gonna be a cake walk. :’)

  2. I’ll give you a pygmy goat! I’ll just get a goat costume for Moose. There ya go. You can get him one of those giant wooden “spool” things that always seem to be in pens with goats– they love standing on those things. HEY GOAT!

    I have a feeling your class this week will go even better than the last one. You’ll have fun! Good luck, my little glockenspiel.

    • Something about this makes me want to say, “Tina, come get some ham! You stupid llama.”

      Pygmy goats are adorable! And so is Moose. So excited to meet him soon. Will he be going through school and training just like Hurley did?

      Alas, I cannot have a dog, and I cannot have a pygmy goat, and I cannot have a pygmy goat dressed as a dog. I’ve pretty much made a solid commitment to moggie cats, what with 7 and all.

      Wow. Can you even imagine if I married a man who didn’t like cats? We’d be divorced by now. Praise Allah that Torey LOVES cats just as much as I do.

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