Clothing project #1

I have been thinking about getting back into sewing again lately. I blame Pinterest.

If I go on there and search DIY, a good 75% of what comes up are sewing projects that just look so damn easy. Not all, mind you. I’m not a quilter, as much as I’ve tried over the years.

But when I found this tutorial, I figured I could sacrifice an old, ill-fitting tee in the name of craft-science.

And with illustrated instructions like this, how could I go wrong?

Well I’m glad I tried it, because now I have a new favorite tank top for the summer out of an old shirt I had picked up from Goodwill several years ago and never wore.

This is the start of some beautiful (I hope!) projects. Next up: a maxi skirt.

(Hmm. Maxi skirt makes me think of maxi pads. Let’s say long skirt then!)


3 responses

  1. Chica, have you lost weight?? I so love your jeans! The tank is sweet–nice Goodwill find that you turned into something WAY better than a T-shirt. All that potential hiding in a dull black t-shirt! I’ve had this idea for like years and years now, and never once actually done it: Cut out the design from a cool shirt that doesn’t fit me anymore, and then messily hand-stitch that design onto a blank shirt that DOES fit me. I’ve told Torey my idea a gazillion times over the years, and I tell anybody that complains about a cool shirt not fitting any more or their kids’ favorite shirt not fitting any more. Still, I have yet to actually do it. And I honestly don’t think anyone I’ve told has done it, either. What a bunch of sorry losers I hang with, huh? Not to mention me, Her Royal Majesty of Laziness When it Comes to Crafting.

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