Easter eats and puppy feets

I spent all day today baking and making marshmallows for Easter dessert.

I never made marshmallows before and they were easy, although extremely messy. Had to add sprinkles too, otherwise they just weren’t spring-y enough!

My sister cooked a fantastic dinner and as much as I love cooking, it was really nice to just show up and eat.

And play with Moose, the newest addition to her little brood.

Such a smiley, happy little man he is!!

And he matches his big brother Hurley so well.

Every day should be like today. :)


2 responses

  1. How did you get that heart so perfect? And I have never thought of making marshmallows, how fun! Looks like a great time and I want to meet Moose!

    • I dropped a heart-shaped cookie cutter on there and just poured sprinkles inside, then I just lightly smooshed them down with my thumb. Easy! :) I’d offer to save you some marshmallows for when you come out but I already ate most of ’em. So good. Hahaha!!

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