Class notes

Last night I taught another soldering class at Green Table Gifts and it was fantastic. It’s always fantastic.
Teaching someone how to make something from start to finish, and to see how excited they are with the finished product is just the best feeling. I’ve been lucky with my students also. I plan on teaching for as long as anyone wants to learn.
I had a request last night to start offering a wire-wrap class, which I am going to start working on a sample for right away. I love wire-wrapping, although I haven’t done it in a long time since for a while it felt like the handmade jewelry market was just flooded with the same styles of wire-wrapped jewelry. I feel like my pieces were different, but if I can’t make them really stand out against a sea of silver and crystal, why spend all that time and money?

The price of silver really jumped up over the last few years, and I think that really turned off a lot of artists to wire-wrapping. Designers started exploring using copper and other metals, and styles have now evolved a bit in different directions. And those who were never really serious sort of gave up I think, because I don’t see nearly as many offerings around. The cost of silver has dropped slightly again, although I am thinking that the cost of the class will still have to be high enough for me to afford to buy enough sterling wire for students to work with.

Still, I am excited for this to happen, so we’ll see how it goes. And if anyone has any class suggestions, Patty at Green Table Gifts is always willing to hear requests and new ideas! If you want to learn it, she can find someone to teach it. And that may even be me!  

(PS, isn’t that picture above the best? Most awesome class ever.)


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