My new favorite things

This weekend I was on a mission to get some new sandals for the summer. #1-they had to be comfortable. #2-they had to be colorful.

What do you think?

These are actually comfortable and they are so bold and bright, I freaked out when I saw them. They remind me of Bollywood somehow, just so bright and vibrant.

I can’t wait to create some outfits around them. I also can’t wait to get a pedicure, but that’s neither here nor there. Yay for SHOES!

I also found my new favorite necklace. I know, I make jewelry, why do I still buy so much of it? But this is something that I could never make myself, and it was cheap. Win win!

Both items are from Charming Charlie, $24 and $12 each.

If you haven’t been to that store yet, you should go. Complete sensory overload though, be warned!



3 responses

  1. God, I love those sandals! They’re beautiful. That store, man… it almost made me faint from all the “awww, look at this!” and “oooh, look at this color!” etc. You nailed it when you said we both shut down a little by the time we had finally walked the whole store. It was so colorful and fun in there! It was like really good, primo crack! ;-)

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