If pasta was a diet food, I would be so skinny right now. Because that’s basically all I eat lately. Must find alternatives, but noodles taste so good!

I bought a lot of shoes this year so far. Sneakers, sandals, more sandals. I only have two feet, not sure why I need so many back-ups.

A bill that would have given tax incentives to filmmakers to shoot here in Arizona was officially killed today. My husband is an actor and is therefore pissed about this. So am I. And all those movies that take place in Arizona? Shot in New Mexico. Grumbles.

I only have 3 episodes of Doctor Who left with David Tennant as the doctor. Not really looking forward to the new doctor, for he looks like a caveman and he wears a fez. Ehhh.

Our mailbox broke off of it’s base today. It’s been teetering on the edge for weeks now. The wood actually rotted away and the screws just gave out. I wish I could have seen it when the mail man tried to put the mail in there and ripped the whole thing apart instead. HULK SMASH BILLS!!!

Our new mattress is still heavenly. Curling up in bed with a book is my favorite part of the day again. Speaking of which, it’s about time to go curl up in bed with a book!

Goodnight people!


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  1. I never watched all of the David Tennant episodes, but I really enjoyed him as the Dr. I used to watch religiously when I was like 5-8 years old. Talk about crazy looking doctors. Mine had WAY too much curly hair and wore a gigantic scarf no matter what the weather. The doc after him also had way too much curly hair and dressed like a…lord from the 1700s or so? He always gave me the creeps. Just like the new fez-wearing doctor does!

    I got rid of roughly 2 closets-worth of clothes and shoes this year, and in return I bought a $6 pair of flip flops. The way my year is going, that adds up about right.

    Get out of bed little book mouse!!

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