Antique store score!

I’m back!!
I have so many wonderful and amazing things to share from my trip, but first I had to start with my favorite souvenir.

My husband and I took a day trip to Paradise, CA, a tiny mountain town just north of Chico. We didn’t have much time, but we wanted to look around a bit. We ended up in one of my favorite places, an antique shop.

We wandered for about an hour, ooing and ahhing over stuff, snapping pictures on the sly. Before we left, I spotted this beautiful antique ring in a case near the door.

I asked the man at the counter if I could see it, because it was so pretty and delicate and it looked big enough to actually fit me (My ring size is an 8 1/2, most women are a 6 or 7). I placed it on my finger and it fit perfectly. It was dingy and dirty, and really needed a good cleaning but I could see potential. On closer inspection, I saw that it was stamped inside as .925 silver, and the stones were real. They looked to be white topaz, and they are jeweler-mounted in a prong setting, with tool marks so it looks to have been done by hand. (Sometimes having worked in fine jewelry comes in handy!)

I had noticed the price tag on it, and I honestly didn’t think it could be right. I asked the man to check the price to be sure. He did and it was correct.

I told him that it was sold, and he rang me up.

My total………………….. $1.85.

Yes, for this gorgeous ring, I got change back from $2.00.

I am a shopping ninja.


One response

  1. Dammit! You beat me again! I was going to brag about my blue topaz/blue fire opal/white gold ring that retails around $200 but I got it for $23! And here I thought THAT was a score.

    I swear, I don’t know how you do it, but you always do it. You find the most awesome stuff for practically free.

    I have a little something for you, so we need to get together soon. Maybe we should all see Prometheus together? Or something. I could just lay on your couch and watch funny stuff while knocking back vodka-soaked gummy bears. Whatever works for you.

    I love you! I’m so happy that you and Kane got to go to Chico and the surrounding areas! I remember not so long ago he posted on FB that he was really missing Chico pretty hardcore–this must have been very re-energizing for him.

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