Another birthday

My 33rd birthday is this wednesday. Oh my god. 33.
I have been emotionally up and down about it. On one hand it’s fun to celebrate with friends and eat cake and I do love me some presents. But on the other hand, 33 is an awfully high number, and there are so many things I want to accomplish that I haven’t yet. I’m a little thrown off by how fast time really has flown by. I know people always say that, particularly when you are young, but they are right. All these years have passed in what seems like the blink of an eye.

I’ve decided not to do anything for my birthday this year, just spend it with my husband and my sister. I’ve had some family and friend issues lately and it’s honestly just worn me out. Maybe it’s my advanced age (ha!) but I’m just a little too tired to deal.So the only gift I want this year is the gift of peace and mellow. Mellowness and laughter. And maybe some sparkly new earrings. ;)
(All of the pictures on this post are of the birthday surprise for my sister, who’s b-day is 10 days before mine. This is the first year I did not go to her b-day dinner in our entire lives, but I still had to give her some cake and presents! I would have taken pictures of her receiving them, but we surprised her just before she stepped into the shower, and I didn’t think she’d appreciate that!)


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  1. I feel exactly the same way about my birthday. I’ll be 35 this year and I’m wondering what happened? How did I get five years from 40 and not do even a handful of what I wanted to do with my life? It’s daunting. But I hope to tackle some of those things before the big 4-0. And I am sure you will too! Happy (early) Birthday!!

    • Glad it’s not just me! Getting older can be super scary, but maybe this is our year? If not, maybe we can at least get together and commiserate sometime! <3

  2. First of all, those cupcakes and the surprise visit you guys did on my birthday were so great! I totally appreciated everything. Especially them cupcakes, mmm-mmm, oh yeah. :-)

    And second, I think it’s just fine to not want to do anything big or extravagant for your birthday. I feel like every year, I am a little less happy about My Big Day(TM) than the year before. By the time I am 60 or so, I expect I won’t even want to get out of bed that day. But yes, time flies and I wish I could say it’s because we were having so much fun (ha!)… nah, it’s just fast any way you look at it.

    Third, at least you are not turning thirty-f*ckin’-SEVEN. No matter what, you’ll always be younger than me! You brat. <3

  3. I feel the same about 33. I know I have two beautiful girls…but I feel like I’m missing some key thing for me. I don’t know what THAT is or I might be able to find it. HA. I think it’s why I blog and keep taking on random projects.

    BTW loving the Friday’s wrapping paper *snort*

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