Peacock nails!

I love Pinterest. I feel like I am constantly talking about it, but so what? I have gotten so many great ideas from it already, some of which I have actually done.

Tonight I decided to try making my own nail decals, based off of this tutorial.

Basically you paint a design onto a ziplock bag, and repeat for as many nails as you want spiffed up. ( I went for a peacock feather design on all ten, might as well go all out!) Then you let the designs dry completely, carefully peel them from the ziplock (the hardest part of all, surprisingly. I used tweezers.) and then stick them to your nail. Last, you finish with topcoat and viola! Perfectly painted fingies.

Had to try for myself…

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:


Holy shit! I can’t believe it worked!

Sigh. I heart you, pinterest.


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