Mini Wedding Cakes: How-To

My friend Abby is getting married this week. I wanted to do something special for her for her bridal shower at work. I had seen a few cake ideas on pinterest and in my decorating books, but most of what I found seemed way too complicated.
Then I had an idea to make mini wedding cakes, with tiny bride-and-groom cake toppers! I scoured the stores for little plastic cake toppers (OK, just two stores, but I looked really hard in there!) but all I could find were ugly plastic wedding bands. Nah.
I decided to make my own.
Here’s a visual how-to, since I actually remembered to take some pictures as I worked!

You will need:



toothpicks (preferably non-colored)


cake mix and all the fixin’s

marshmallows (regular size or larger if you want)

1-2 cans of frosting

decorating icing (i used the kind in the aerosol can)

First find an image of a cake topper, or bride and groom or lovebirds or whatever you want. Resize it to about 2″ tall and print a bunch of them. Cut around them (doesn’t have to be perfect) and tape toothpicks to the back.

Next, bake cupcakes. Didn’t think I needed to bother taking a picture of that. Plus my kitchen looked like hell.

After the cupcakes cool, cut the bottom off of a marshmallow so that it is sticky, and stick it to the top of the cupcake. I used my kitchen shears, as this gets messy and you’ll need to wash those scissors as soon as you are done.

Frost over the top of the cupcakes and marshmallows, but be careful not to knock the marshmallow off. This didn’t happen to me since the sticky marshmallow-bottom did it’s job, but still, be careful anyway.
Now you can decorate with little flowers or sprinkles or anything you want.

Finish them by sticking your homemade cake toppers into the marshmallow and you are done!
See? Super easy and super cute!

Now go put your feet up, kid. You worked hard today. Better get yourself a cocktail too!



8 responses

  1. Wow, they are so cute! I’m thinking about using the idea for my wedding but I cant find a good picture to use, where did you find this one?

    • Thanks Theresa! I actually found the image on pinterest searching for vintage bride and groom. You can also search antique cake toppers. Good luck!

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