Shoe problem

Confession time: As of tonight, I owned 86 pairs of shoes.

Yes, I actually pulled out every pair I own and counted them. Honestly, it’s embarrassing to see them laid out like this.

I just got really tired of not being able to put all of my shoes away in my closet where they belong, or not being able to find a matching pair when rushing out the door to work.

My plan was to get rid of half of these. Didn’t happen. I did manage to part with 27 pairs, some of which I am kind of sweating over since they are practically brand-new and I *might* find an outfit to wear them with or I was wearing them when blah blah blah. It is so hard to purge your stuff but I really need to. It’s just pathetic how much crap I hold on to, either for sentimental reasons or because something was a particularly good deal and I’d hate to part with something I might want later.

But let’s do the math: Most of my shoes were bought on clearance, like just about everything I own. So let’s say that each pair was around $15-20 each. Some were definitely more, some were less but let’s say the average cost is $18 per pair.

So $18 X 86 pairs = $1548.00.

I could buy a plane ticket to Europe for less than that. I could have bought two tickets to Hawaii for my husband and I to finally take our honeymoon. Yet all that money sits around my house, piled on the closet floor and in my office and anywhere else I stash shoes. It’s very eye-opening.

The worst part is, this is after we had a yard sale last month, where I got rid of about 20 more pairs of shoes.

Well at least the first step is admitting you have a problem, right?


2 responses

  1. Wow. I don’t know how you two do it! Things get collected over time and add up, I guess. I’m not a shoe person, so my eyeballs threaten to explode every time I look at you guys’ pictures!

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