Cruel summer

Today it is 112 degrees in Chandler, AZ.

The air conditioning stopped working in our office.

I already drank so many glasses of ice water I lost count.

I wish I had a pool.

Worst of all, someone in my office forgot their deodorant today, because the B.O. in here is so pungent I feel like I should name it.


Also, want to know what summer is like in AZ? Stare at this picture while blowing a hair dryer in your face on the highest setting, and then throw sand in it so it goes in your eyes and mouth.

This photo was taken yesterday right near where I work. Why yes, that IS a giant wall of dust coming to suffocate you and coat everything in thick brown dirt.

Visit AZ!


2 responses

  1. “A B.O. so pungent you should name it” is really some intense B.O. So, did you end up naming it, and if so, what? Aloysius? Champ? Knickerbock?

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