I finally heard from my doctor yesterday. She says everything looks good, just some cysts which are normal. The only thing she is concerned about is that there is something (probably just a cyst) on my left ovary that she wants to keep an eye on. I have to go back next month for another ultrasound, but I was so relieved to hear a happy voice on the other side of the phone. Big weight lifted off of me for sure!

And speaking of a big weight lifted, I have walked/jogged on the treadmill nearly every day for the past 3+ weeks. I’ve only missed 4 days that entire time, which is a huge accomplishment. I credit my Kindle Fire, and episodes of Arrested Development and Doctor Who to keep me distracted. My goal is a minimum of 15 minutes each time, and I’m happy to say I’ve surpassed that almost every time, usually going for 20-25 minutes. Not sure if any weight has been lost, but I’m not exactly dieting either. I just…don’t….wanna. But if I can move my ass a little more, it has to be a good thing!

I had another class last night at Green Table Gifts, and it was so fun. We did a simple soldered pendant with a crystal drop, and the ladies did an awesome job! It’s always so exciting to show someone that moment when the solder melts into liquid, lots of  Ooh’s and Aah’s. I really enjoy teaching, it makes my entire week afterward!

Other than that, there hasn’t been much to report. I’ve been slacking on the creative side lately, but I am hoping to change that soon enough. This weekend I plan to tear my office apart and really organize it. I’ve let it go again, my desk is just piled with paper scraps, tools, metal findings and pieces of glass that I’ve been cutting. Not to mention all the random nail polish, lotions and makeup that somehow finds it way into the pile. Yikes. I really need to continue my quest to purge. There is no way I will ever use all that I have, and looking at all the clutter just makes me feel overwhelmed. And to make matters worse, my Pinterest feed is just filled with gorgeous, clean and organized rooms for me to obsess over.

Like this office………………………………………………

And this bedroom………………………………………..


 Sigh. Someday in a perfect world. And that world has an unlimited budget. And alfredo sauce has no calories….. :)


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  1. So glad to hear that everything is ok! Yay! :) And yay for you keeping up with your exercise! You are inspiring for slackers like me :)

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