Yesterday I posted a link to a gallery on facebook of The Ruins Of Detroit. I just found it so beautiful and yet so sad. To see the entire gallery just click on the photo below.

I can’t imagine anyone just leaving and forgetting about these places, especially when there is such beauty in the architecture, the details and the items left behind. It is hard to think that people didn’t want to leave this stuff behind, but the people in a city like Detroit just don’t have the money to restore treasures like these. It’s very sad but it’s the natural order of things, and has been for centuries.

For a while when I was a kid I wanted to be an archeologist. I wanted to travel the world and dig in the dirt and find what was left there or forgotten. I wanted to uncover things that were once precious to someone, or the bones of creatures long forgotten too.

I spent most of my childhood in Belford, NJ. We were in bike-ride distance from the beach, we had a huge marsh area to explore, and lots of trees and woods to wander. So digging was a big part of my play time. There was an area right down the street from us where the trees and the weeds had grown so thick that you could barely walk there. Of course, all of the kids in the neighborhood wanted to climb through it all the time. But my sister and I made it really far into the trees one day, and we found an old wagon with the wheels mostly decayed and the entire top just rotted away. It was buried under branches and leaves and debris, just left there and forgotten. I remember there was a velvety red fabric on what was once a seat, and we thought it might have been part of an old traveling circus that we had found a decayed poster for. It was such a cool discovery, and I wanted so bad to fix it up and make it our playhouse or something. As if it would have been that easy to restore, but I also though that there were christmas elves watching my every move all year long so what did I know?

A few years later the entire woods were cleared to make way for some condos. I was really sad when all the trees got knocked down, but even sadder that the ruins of that old circus are probably permanently buried. In fact after they were built, I rode my bike past those new condos and made sure to stick my tongue out at them. Kid vengeance.

In our society I think we put way too much stock into technology and don’t honor the past nearly enough. Hopefully those beautiful photos remind people to slow down and look at a world that existed long before we did.


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