Like a Bee

This is our little Bee. She’s not so little anymore, but she’ll always be our baby. And she is crazy about her daddy, she snuggles with my husband when I’m not around, like it’s some big secret that she loves him. When I walk in the room, she hops down and acts like she is indifferent to him, but when I sneak in or peek around the corner at them, she is kneading his lap and pressing her little head into his chest. When my sister brings the dogs over or when we use the vaccuum, or when something happens that she doesn’t understand, she puffs out her little cheeks and squints her eyes at it. I’ve never seen a cat who is so expressive and I’m so glad that she is ours.

I’ve been feeling run down again lately, like I have overextended myself a little. Work has been insanely busy with a new client that I am working with, but that means I am so burned out by the time I get home that I fall asleep the second I sit down. This means that I sleep through my treadmill time, and I’ve fallen off the wagon a bit. The last time I went on was last week and I’m a little mad at myself for that. I’m teaching a stringing class todayat Green Table and I am excited for it since it’s the first one, but after this I may not schedule any classes for a while. I just have to focus more on updating my own etsy shop, organizing my office and building new inventory for the store.

All of this plus cooking, cleaning and regular life-stuff in general just makes me want to curl up in my pajamas and sleep for a whole day. I think I might seriously try to do this, since we are busy Friday night, Saturday all day and night, but Sunday is open as far as I know. When did it happen that you have to plan for days like that? How do people with kids do it? Oh yeah, they probably don’t sleep. Poor moms and dads!

Either way, it’s on. So the dishes will be left in the sink, frozen pizzas will be heated up and I will stay in my comfy bed resting like a lazy mofo, if all goes according to plan.

If I stray too far from the lazy path, I’ll just look at little Beebee, and be reminded to leave whatever there is to be done for tomorrow. My body and my brain will thank me.


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