A list of things I want to do

  • Go to bed by ten.
  • Make quilted pillow shams for our bed.
  • Bake marshmallow caramel brownies.
  • Get back to my treadmill routine.
  • Give my car a really good cleaning.
  • Give Bella a bath.
  • Start seriously planning this year’s Halloween party.
  • Take a day trip north to go hiking.
  • But comfy new flats. Preferably yellow.



2 responses

  1. How about you and me take a day off soon and go hiking? If you drive, I can take notes and we can plan the party while we are on our way up (and back). And then, on the way home we stop at the outlets for some yellow flats. Then, we do directly to a carwash (best to do it after that trip, because of all the bugs you’ll hit on the freeway). The rest of the stuff you can get to one after another if you make a list. :-)

    ALL of this is do-able and I can help you, Schwes. Let me know.

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