New Baby

Announcing the latest addition to our family—JACK! Jack is a 10 month old pug mix, adopted on Saturday August 4 from the pound at Mesa Animal Control. It was completely unplanned, but we couldn’t have asked for a better connection with a dog at first sight!

I was at the pound helping my sister with a large donation of food and supplies that she had collected at her job. We dropped off all the stuff in the back of the building, and decided to go in to look around. I can honestly say that I can look at the dogs and cats (and kittens!! YAY) without having to take them home, but not that day. We walked up and down three very long and loud rows of dogs, mostly pitbulls and chihuahuas, and ogled some teensy kittens and puppies. Once we walked up to kennel #329, I just froze.

There was Jack (or No Name Black and white pug mix, as he was “called”), crammed into a small kennel with a not-so-friendly chihuahua who snarled at him as he inched forward to meet me behind the fence. He looked right at me with his big pug-eyes, and I just felt something I had never felt with a dog. I had always wanted a pug or a pug-mix, and I didn’t expect to see one there yesterday. We walked back up the row, but I had to go back and see him again. Then we went to look at the puppies again, but I went back a third time. Finally I had to find an employee, “Let’s just meet him, I don’t have to adopt him right?”. Riiight.

Two minutes into our meet and greet and I was texting a photo to my husband to come to the pound, he had to meet him. Once Kane got there, he walked in, sat on the ground and Jack just flopped right into his lap and licked his hands and face, and we knew we just had to bring him home.

Since then it’s been toys and bones and his first bath. He met his brother and sister (our two cats) and things are progressing nicely there too. He’s had no accidents, he sleeps in his crate like a champ and he is just the happiest little boy we could have hoped for. He keeps checking in with both Kane and me, he doesn’t seem to favor either one of us so far which is nice. I’m going to take him for his first vet visit this week, but he’s already neutered and up to date on his shots so we just need to get some medicine for his slight case of kennel-cough.
Other than that, he is fitting in perfectly and I am so happy he is here. He has found his forever home, just like that!


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  1. Thanks girls!! This is so new to me, being a cat person my whole life. I just hope I can be a good and responsible dog-mom! I can’t wait to go home and see him today though, and I’m taking him for a car ride tonight (since it’s too hot to walk on the pavement here right now)!

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