Coming soon….

Coming soon to my shop, a limited-edition line of hand stamped t-shirts!

I am so excited to add these as soon as I can get some better product photos, or maybe a model for them.  I’ve made a few stamped shirts for myself and I always get comments or questions about them, so I decided to make a few for sale!

These are on new Old Navy or Gap t-shirts, I only removed the tags to wash them before I stamped them. I also did both of these on women’s XL shirts, since that is my size and if they don’t sell I want to be able to keep and wear them myself!

I wanted these shirts to have a fun vintage vibe to them, using some imagery that I love! I also have a black and plaid dress that I bought last year and never wore, so that one will be coming up soon as well. Still not sure what to stamp that one with. Hmmmmm, keys? Bicycles? More hot air balloons?

Please let me know what you think, or if you have any suggestions I’d love to hear them.  So excited to add some new stuff to my shop, hopefully these will be up in the next few days!


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