Thoughts on the night before I depart for Oz

-It still doesn’t feel like I’m really going.

-I am going to miss my husband so much, I wish he was coming with me!

-I never thought I would get to go to Australia in a million years.

-I hope there’s no turbulence on the 13 hour plane ride from LAX to AKL.

-Should have gotten my hair trimmed so I don’t look like a wild bushwoman in pictures.

-I am definitely doing the surfing lesson. No I might not. No, I should.

-I’m going to be standing on the other side of the planet from everyone I know.

-I hope I can keep up with everyone else on the tour and not just be ready to sleep the whole time.

-Am I going to have to eat fish the whole time? Cuz eww.

-Is it excessive to bring both my Kindle AND a book, in case my Kindle runs out of battery life?

-Hope I can sleep on the plane.

-Am I overpacking? Probably.

-I need to just relax and enjoy all the moments of this trip, the good and the not so good. Because they’ll be over before I know it.

Well here goes nothing! See you soon!


3 responses

  1. You can never bring too much to read! That is going to be a lot of down time on those flights. I know you’ll sleep on the plane. I wish Kane was going with you, too. And finally…yeah, *I* still can’t believe you’re really going at AU-frickin’-STRALIA, either! This is so kick-ass, though. I keep getting all psyched for you. I love you so much, and I am 100% positive that you’re going to have a really phenomenal time. It’s going to be so beautiful there. I wonder how it smells when it rains there? Take note of even the littlest things, if you can.
    OK, time for bed. See you tomorrow to go to the airport, little schwes! XOXO

  2. PS: If you get anxiety at any point during the trip, just think of one of the coolest travellers ever to make yourself smile: WWTDD? What Would The Doctor Do? ;-)

  3. Gorgeous photo!

    Yes! Do the surfing lesson! Do it for me! Please…? I always wanted to learn how to surf, and I would totally LOVE to be going on a trip like this! Wow! I hope you have such a good time! What an opportunity! I’m sad Kane isn’t going with you, though! :(

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