Jet lagged

This week has been an odd one, my very first experience with jet lag. I can’t seem to either fall asleep or stay asleep, and I’ve been slap-happy one minute and drowsy the next. It’s getting better though, and I’ve still managed to be a little bit productive. Tonight I made something for a friend’s birthday that I am really proud of. It’s kind of a redo of something I made a long time ago, but improved a bit. If I didn’t think my friend would like it so much I’d be tempted to keep it. I’ll post a picture after I give it to her.

At home the pets seem to be making progress. Jack is trying his best to get Fizzie to play, and it’s almost working. Bella however is a little more reluctant to let him get close to her, and prefers to lay on top of the dresser and groom herself in the sun.

Can’t say I blame her!


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