Making Halloween

I love halloween decorations. In fact, a lot of my year-round home decor and dishes are actually halloween-themed.

My favorite decorations are hand-made ones, which is lucky because this girl is broke! Tonight I had my own little crafty night, and I made two new decorations for the house.

I bought some cheap flowers from the dollar store and popped off the stems, then brushed the edges with glue and dunked them in silver glitter.

Then I used my glue gun to attach them to a $2.99 paper mache witch hat from Michael’s which I had Mod Podge-d with scraps of paper.

Ta-DAA! It’s a charming witch hat, mofo! Can you handle that? Ok, now I’m gonna take it to crafting level 5…..

I bought a styrofoam wreath (already painted orange, nice) and a bag of tiny skull erasers from the Dollar Spot at Target. I glued some black and white ribbon all around that bitch.

I glued those little erasers all over that wreath, popped on a black ribbon bow and one of my leftover glittered flowers, and called it DONE.

Here’s a closeup of the cheapest wreath I’ve ever made, and probably my favorite.

Jack’s favorite is the witch hat. Probably because he got to try it on!


Now you should go make your own halloween crafts! And if they come out lousy, give them away to someone you don’t like very much anyway. Glitter some branches and put them in a cool vase. Glue some google eyes on a gourd or something, you cannot go wrong with a plan like that.



3 responses

  1. Oh noooooo you di’nt! Those are so cute I just lost my mind. I took my pants off and swung them over my head in a loop, whipping a pigeon right out of the air! Then I ate the pigeon! Then I threw up–outta my nose and everything!– because those things are fulla diseases! Now I’m half dead! All because you made things that are insanely cute!!!

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