Small Business Saturday

Today was Small Business Saturday. Although I did manage to stop by some chain stores yesterday for Black Friday(2 was all I could handle to be honest), I always love to support local stores and boutiques over big business.

Today I made sure to stop by some of my favorite local shops to do a little spending.

Main Street in Mesa is such a beautiful and quaint little area, although it has really struggled and has had it’s share of store closures over the past few years. It is usually very quiet, but today I was actually pleased to see that there was very little parking available.

My first stop was FOUND, a home design studio and shop with so many beautiful decorating ideas. I love browsing through there every chance I get, but especially at christmastime, when the entire store smells like fresh pine. Mmmm.

I love the old bicycle hanging from the ceiling. Wonder if my husband would mind if I suspend one somewhere in our house? Note: I need a bigger house.

Another shop I visited today was Design Lab. I’ve never been in before, and I will definitely be back.

It was just filled with christmas decorations, cool old fashioned toys and jars of candy. Such a bright and happy store, and their gift ideas section was so fun to look through.

But honestly, they had me at this arrow. Safe to say I have an obsession with old marquee signs and arrows!

I wandered around a few more shops, and picked up some goodies along the way. Here’s the stuff I wanted me to have.

A bottle of pearly glass glitter, a mini chalk board, an eraser that looks like dice (why do I still love erasers so much?) and dangly aqua earrings. I picked up a few gifts too, but no need to spoil those just yet.

I’m loving my new earrings. Had to share.

I hope you all managed to support your local businesses today, it’s a great cause and it is so much more fun than seeing the same old crap at Target. And if you don’t have any great shops nearby, try to visit a family-owned restaurant if you can. Guaranteed the food will be better anyway!



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  1. Oh, wow… some gorgeous stuff down there on Main Street! I have to get down there soon, too. Also: I didn’t know Design Lab had things for sale! That’s so cool! Maybe it’s been changed around a bit from when it was just a workspace for people who wanted to do computer-y projects (or I am thinking of a place altogether different). Either way, very neat stuff. I love it down there and hope it survives!

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