Random November


What’s been going on lately? Not too much. Bea has been supervising my jewelry production, with much judgement. The She & Him christmas album has begun it’s 2nd annual rotation in my studio.

My sister and I went to the Junk In The Trunk outdoor vintage market on Black Friday, followed by lunch at The Old Spaghetti Factory in Phoenix. Where I got to take yet another photo of this old Donkey Kong machine. Sweet memories of the good ole’ days.

They have this awesome purple velvet chair in their lobby too, which needs to be in my house.

Here is my sister experimenting with her new camera at lunch. I am super jealous of her new Canon. As much as I love mine, hers is just to much clearer and sharper. Might be time to check out a new camera soon.

And Jack has just been his usual happy self. I still can’t believe we have a dog sometimes. Just looking at him makes me smile.


One response

  1. Oh, Bea!!! She is just the prettiest thing. All that mush-fluff on her head! Awww. <3 I really love all these photos. In fact, I plan to steal the one you took of me since I need a new FB profile photo. I hate most pictures of me. This one's kinda funky.
    And, I cannot comment without saying: I LOVE YA, JACK!

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