14 Days until Christmas? What?

candle bannerChristmas has invaded our house! I absolutely love decorating and burning holiday-scented candles and making gifts. Tomorrow night I am starting my baking, and this year I am making two kinds of cookies, oreo truffles and brownies. Maybe I should recruit some help with all of that, since I broke my toe a few days ago and I’m currently hobbling around like a dork.

bella hissI was sorting laundry in the bedroom and I turned and smacked my pinkie toe on the edge of our wooden hamper. I heard a sickening “POP” sound and the pain was excruciating! It happened on Thursday but I think it’s starting to get better. It still really hurts though, especially if I’ve been on my feet too long, so I’m trying to rest and elevate it as much as possible.

jack ice cream scoopJack was really sick on Saturday, which was a little bit scary. I think he must have eaten something while out in the yard, because we are usually so careful not to give him people food or let him get into things. He was throwing up all day, and was very weak. I was going to take him to the vet but luckily he started to improve late Saturday night after I covered him in cool damp towels and rubbed his tummy. He just curled up against me on the couch and made these sad little whimpering sounds. I felt so bad for him! The picture above is when my husband gave him some water in an ice cream scooper since he seemed very weak and we were scared he was dehydrated. I think he was happy we did that! My poor boy. Luckily, he is back to his usual crazy self now, chasing the cats and running around with his (un)stuffed tiger in his mouth!

tree2012BThere’s still a ton of stuff I want to do to get ready for the holidays, but Netflix just added a ton of Disney movies and “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia”, and it does feel good to put my foot up and rest. And how can I possibly NOT watch The Muppet Movie on instant streaming?


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