Brand new year

teasetI am not the type of person who makes resolutions, since most of them seem to spring from something negative about yourself. Last year I made a few promises (wear more girlie clothes, do some more yoga stretches, etc) to improve the way I felt about myself, but this year is all about the projects I am planning to do. I’m still working on myself of course, but working on my environment is just as important. If I hate the color of my living room accent wall or would be happy lounging by a backyard firepit at night, then it might be time to resolve to do something about it!

My first project is inspired by the picture above. I want to recreate this idea with a tea set. I love tea sets. They are just so pretty and delicate, and I think rather than shell out $200 for the set above, I could DIY something similar. I have a few teacups already, so I am planning to check my local thrifts for a pretty teapot and then repaint the whole thing to unify it. Glass paint is easy to come by and I could always treat the finished product if I wanted to use it for real. But to decorate with, I think this could be a cool little diy.

branch shelfAnother project I’ve been thinking about are branch shelves. Right now I have a huge pile of large branches just taking up space in a corner of my back yard. If I can cut some of the more curvy pieces into 3ft lengths, I think I can do a row of three branch shelves on a wall in my bedroom to use as bookshelves. Could be kind of cool if I paint them white like above, but then add a few little black accents to make them look like white birch. Pretty!

grey stripsLastly, I want to finally paint my dining room. It is a bland white room, and although I have tried to make it nice with some stuff on the walls, it really needs a coat of paint. I plan for grey with bright white baseboards, and one wall will be striped just like above. Because, why not?

Happy new year everyone! Hope you are all planning a fresh start of your own! :)


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