Playlist for a cold January night

I’ve been working hard on some new items all night. I guess I just got inspired today somehow, and I haven’t stopped for a few hours! I’ve got five new pieces headed to Green Table Gifts tomorrow, and hopefully I’ll make more this weekend.

Here’s how much the pets give a damn about my creativity…


It’s nice tonight, just me and Spotify. Tonight’s playlist includes:

-The Perfect Drug, Nine Inch Nails

-The entire Ziggy Stardust album, David Bowie

-A-Punk, Vampire Weekend

-The Next Episode, Dr. Dre and Snoop

-Rosalinda’s Eyes, Billy Joel

-Touch the Sky, soundtrack to Disney’s Brave

-Get It Together, The Beastie Boys

Definitely a strange mix that shouldn’t go together, but somehow it does tonight.

Also, I wrote about it on facebook, but we painted our dining room this past weekend. Pale grey walls with one striped accent wall. I love it, I can’t stop checking it out.

ImageInspired by pinterest, of course. I would be lost without that site. I cheated though, I traced an IKEA shelf that we haven’t hung yet to make the stripes, then just taped them and filled them in. Much easier than all that measuring. I’m super happy to have a dining room that’s not so bland anymore. Also, repainting gave me an excuse to redo my gallery wall. ImageI think it looks a little less cluttered and put-together now. Plus I had to display the cool antique-style bottles that my sister gave me for christmas. She knows what I like.

And now, it is time to shut down pinterest and spotify and climb into bed. It’s cold tonight so I’m looking forward to curling up under the comforter and drifting off to the sounds of Jack snoring.

Plus, he looks tired. Jackie go night-night.



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