And the heavens opened up…

ImageMeet tonight’s little splurge, a new Kindle cover! I was out for dinner and a little shopping with my sister, which for us always means italian food and a visit to Homegoods. I LOVE that store. Anyway, we were walking up to the registers and gawking at all the lovely crap they keep up front, and I was just saying how I need a new Kindle cover. And BOOM. There it was, a ray of sunlight shined down upon it as I breathlessly ran to my treasure! (Or, the fluorescent lights flickered slightly and I tripped a little on my own shoelace.) Either way, I’ve been wanting a cover that looks like a book but they are like $30 on amazon. This one is so perfect and was only $9.99. SCORE.


My husband and Jack were so excited about it that they, well, they acted normal actually. Don’t they just look cute in this picture though? I love this one. Real men cuddle puppies.


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